A New Clean Energy Technology

Using colliding plasma toroids to potentially produce clean fusion energy

  • EST-Around-ArcWe measure high ion density of 10,000 times denser than Tokamaks have been able to achieve, to potentially allow a continuous clean fusion energy process.
  • We need no external confining magnetic fields with our self-stable plasma toroid.
  • We plan to use our breakthrough to improve the known colliding plasma toroid fusion energy process in a small package.

The image is a plasma toroid forming around an electric arc in 1/8 atmosphere.

  • The improved process will potentially deliver energy to homes, buildings and vehicles with an 80% cost savings compared to power from the grid.
  • We plan to complete an energy demonstration in 24 months and need a seed investment to do it.
  • We plan to start with a Kickstart campaign to publicize our effort and to publish a book detailing the discovery and our inventions.  Go to:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1240330744/protect-planet-earth-with-ball-lightning-technolog
  • When that is completed we plan to raise funding from Internet stock sales as well as investor stock sales.  Contact EPS, Inc. for details.
  • Read about our recent breakthrough in papers on the Library page.