A New Clean Energy Technology

Using a new discovery to potentially produce clean fusion energy

  • EST-Around-ArcOur new discovery will potentially deliver clean energy to homes, businesses and vehicles at an 80% cost savings compared to power from the grid.
  • Our new self-stable plasma toroids need no external confining magnetic fields, ensuring our systems will be low cost. or indian porn
  • We plan to use our breakthrough to improve the known colliding plasma toroid fusion energy process using a small package.

The image to the right is a plasma toroid forming around an electric arc in 1/8 atmosphere.

  • We measure Ultra High Densities in our plasma toroids of 10,000 times denser than Tokamaks have been able to achieve, to potentially enable a clean fusion energy process.
  • We plan to complete an energy demonstration within 24 months.
  • We completed a new book explaining the technology and describing the potential applications and it is available through the Products page.
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  • Read about our recent breakthrough in papers on the Library page.