About Us

Electron Power Systems™ (EPS) searched for the explanation for Ball Lightning for many years.  At this time we can reproduce it in our lab and we can explain it as a new, self-stable plasma toroid that needs no external toroidal magnetic field for containment.  It is called the Electron Spiral Toroid Spheromak (ESTS).

EPS, Inc. is an early stage company with a solid IP position.  We are the only company we know that is working in this area of plasma toroids formed in atmosphere.  We have developed a patent applied for method that allows us to make the ESTSs.

Technical and Management Team:

Chiping Chen, Ph.D., Chief Consulting Scientist, has been providing scientific consulting to Electron Power Systems, Inc. since 1993. His many papers are listed at: www.linkedin.com/pub/chiping-chen/7b/615/5b1. He presently has his own plasma science consulting firm. He was a Principal Research Scientist, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center 1998- Dec 2013; a Group Leader, Intense Beam Theoretical Research Group: 1995- May 2007; Research Scientist, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center: 1990-1998. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Clint Seward, President and Project Manager, has thirty years of project management experience and manages this project. He conducts the experiments using the present apparatus to initiate self-stable plasma toroids. He relies on consultants to produce calculations and theory and to review the work. He made the initial discovery and received the initial patents for the self-stable plasma toroid and he has personally carried out the research and design of the experiments. He holds a Master of Science EE degree from the U. of Michigan.

Jim Becker is our consulting lab engineer. Jim has experience as a senior executive in the high tech sector. He designed, manufactured, sold and operated advanced computing and communications solutions for airlines. Several other major corporation positions included Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard MA, a $13B computer systems company that revolutionized the computing industry. Education: Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College; Master of Engineering 1976; Master of Business Administration 1975; Bachelor of Engineering 1970.