Plan and Progress Toward Clean Fusion Energy

1. We have made a new discovery of a self-stable plasma toroid (ring) that needs no magnetic field confinement.  This has been proven with lab results and data, with a computer model, and with a derivation of the physics as published in Physics of Plasmas by Dr. Chen of MIT  (refer to “Equilibrium and Stability of Self-Organized Electron Spiral Toroids”).  The self-stable plasma toroid is patent applied for.

2.  Plasma toroids will form around a stable arc under the correct conditions (proprietary).  These are called ESTSs (Electron Spiral Toroid Spheromaks).  We have observed the ESTSs to remain stable with no external toroidal magnetic field confinement, a new discovery.

3. We have measured ion density of  3.0 x 1019 ions/cm3  in the ESTS which is about 10,000 times greater than the most reported to date by a Tokamak plasma fusion device, and sufficient for clean plasma fusion.  This is reported in the paper by Seward below.

4.We have accelerated ESTSs with magnetic coils, demonstrating that we can add energy.  This is reported in the paper by Seward below. We have a design for a suitable accelerator to achieve velocities >600,000m/s.  Based on this, we have calculated that we can provide a significant electric propulsion device for space transportation, but at >99% less mass because we need no magnetic containment (refer to applications).

5.  We have observed this high ion density in an 18″ bell jar, and we expect a lab energy demonstration will be completed in a similar apparatus.  This is a small, compact process because it needs no external toroidal magnetic field containment.

6.  We plan to make two ESTSs and collide them.  We expect this to improve the colliding toroid project done by Wells in the 1980s on the TRISOPS project, described in the Wells paper below.


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